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Internal Quality Assurance

Raising Training Standards, Beyond Annual Audits.

  • 4 hr
  • TBC
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Our IQA service is tailored to adhere to the rigorous guidelines laid out by RLSS UK, providing you with a seamless and comprehensive assessment process. Through detailed observations, as well as adherence to the RLSS UK IQA form, we offer an efficient and effective way to maintain the highest standards of training and assessment. Choosing our IQA service eliminates the need for an in-house IQA personnel, a costly and often impractical endeavour, especially when only one or two IQAs are required annually. We empower our clients to consistently meet and exceed industry benchmarks, fostering growth and development in their training programs. Following the IQA process, our commitment to your success doesn't end. We offer ongoing support and recommendations for areas of improvement or development, ensuring that you continue to excel in every facet of your training and assessment program. No prior documentation or information is needed from our clients, as we seamlessly integrate our IQA process into your existing framework. Elevate your training standards with our comprehensive IQA service, and let's work together to ensure excellence in every training session and assessment.

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